Ultrasound reveals next Tedesco baby is ‘totally dreamy’

Future Tedesco Baby

Tedesco baby in 20 years

SAN ANTONIO — Even before his birth, the next Tedesco baby is showing the telltale signs of being a total stud, a flustered nurse announced at a press conference today.

Future Tedesco Baby

Future Tedesco Baby

“The ultrasound clearly showed that John and Jennifer are going to have a boy,” said Glenda Hodgkins, the nurse who performed the ultrasound this morning at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

“I saw the classic traits of a Tedesco guy: The strong jaw, dreamy eyes, and thick, flowing locks of hair.”

Hodgkins then tore her eyes from the sonogram photos and fanned her flushed face. “Whew! Is it hot in here or what?” she asked no one in particular.

The flustered nurse concluded: “This kid’s testosterone levels are way off the charts. Hot nurses are already asking for his phone number, so they can look him up in 20 years. Clearly, this kid is a Tedesco.”

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