Makenna joins Build-A-Bear cult

Makenna at Build-A-BearDENVER — Build-A-Bear Workshop Inc. announced at a press conference today that it is one step closer to world domination thanks to its newest fan, Tedesco munchkin Makenna Cook.

“At Build-a-Bear, Tedesco girls are our best friends,” company spokesperson Imelda Hucksley told reporters. “And our new best friend is Makenna, who completed our cult-like indoctrination process with flying colors.

“All hail the Great Bear!” Hucksley added.

Company revenues have swelled ever since the Tedesco kids discovered the colorful, hypnotic allure of Build-A-Bear stores, which offer myriad ways to get children hooked on customizing cuddly teddy bears.

Authorities believed Makenna, 2, was too young too join the Build-A-Bear cult. But that all changed one night in Denver, when Makenna’s aunt, Georgia Ramirez, was baby sitting all the Tedesco kids.

“As we all know, Build-A-Bear wouldn’t be where it is today — infiltrating the hearts and minds of millions of cute kids — without Georgia,” Hucksley said.

“Her kids have risen rapidly through the ranks of Build-A-Bear — Gigi is already a Grand Poo Bear. So Georgia took them all to the mall so Makenna could drink the Kool-Aid — I mean, enjoy an unforgettable experience at Build-A-Bear.”

As a Class 1 neophyte of the Great Bear, Makenna can now sign up for the company’s virtual training camp, Build-A-Bearsville, which teaches enthralled kids to spend their parents money for years and years.

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