Gigi reports record earnings of $125,000 in Tooth Fairy subsidies

Gigi and the toothfairyDENVER — Officials with the Internal Revenue Service said today they were perplexed by the tax returns of Gigi Ramirez Tedesco, who reported receiving $125,000 in taxable income from the Tooth Fairy this year.

“We realize that payments by the Tooth Fairy are way higher than the typical quarter-per-tooth system we had when we were kids,” said IRS special agent Benjamin Reynolds at a press conference today. “But, my God, have you seen Gigi’s gargantuan piggy bank? It’s like she won the freakin’ lottery. If this is how much you can make from losing a tooth, I want in on that action.”

The IRS said Gigi’s massive stash of dollar bills and coins from the tooth fairy are currently held in a metal container in an undisclosed location in her bedroom. Reached for comment, Gigi had no comment from her yacht in the Caribbean.

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