Tedesco kickball game goes horribly awry

Tedescos play kickball

DENVER — A friendly game of kickball turned into a brutal reality check for aging Tedesco family members who quickly learned they have no athletic ability.

“I believe I speak for every muscle in my body when I say, ‘Ouch,'” pitcher Kristin Cook said at a press conference after the game. “I need an ice pack and a Vodka martini, stat.”

The dismal statistics tell the story — 42 errors, including 12 dropped balls that were easily catchable. Elderly players limped in agony around the diamond as spry young Tedesco munchkins ran them down like lions chasing gazelle on the Serengeti.

“At first it was fun getting Grandpa Rick out,” said Cole Tedesco, referring to the slow-moving target. “Then it just got sad.”

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