Report: Sophie bears disturbing resemblance to Aunt Kristin’s baby pics

Sophie as Kristin


Kristin as Sophie


SAN ANTONIO — Authorities announced today that cute Tedesco munchkin Sophie Tedesco, 1, bears an eerie resemblance to the baby pictures of her aunt, mafia princess Kristin Cook.

“Man, Sophie’s already got that warped, jaded look, just like her Aunt Krissie,” said Kristin’s husband, Garrett. “Is that caused by genetics or big brothers?”

As the youngest siblings in their families, Kristin and her mini-me were born a generation apart. Yet Sophie is already saying “no” and “go away” just like her aunt.

The physical similarities between the two blonde girls fooled Sophie’s mom, Jennifer, who saw a 1980s picture of Kristin and thought it was Sophie.

If current trends continue, Sophie could soon start carrying a torn, bedraggled doll named “Angel” everywhere she goes until her teenage years.

“Finally I can relate to someone who knows the trauma of growing up with older brothers,” said Kristin, whose left eyelid twitched uncontrollably during a press conference as she glanced nervously around the room. “It’s so nice having a little doppelganger who can watch my back.”

Scientists say they’re too busy to explain the similarities between Sophie and Kristin because they’re still trying to figure out why Gigi looks like Uncle Joe’s baby pics.