Crime Stoppers: Help us identify this shady Tedesco character

The Godfather

The Godfather

DENVER — Authorities are offering a reward for any information that leads to the identification of a shady character suspected of being a Tedesco guy.

A rare photograph of the suspected Tedesco guy surfaced during a routine inspection of the beer aisle at the Costco on Marshall Road. The photo shows the silhouette of a pale, gaunt man who is probably up to no good.

“All the telltale Tedesco traits are there,” said Crime Stoppers chapter president Gary Wilson. “The wife-beater t-shirt, the beers, the cigarette — they’re all dead giveaways.

“Unfortunately, those clues could apply to pretty much any Tedesco guy, so we need the public’s help to identify this evildoer,” Wilson added.

  • Gigi Tedesco

    thats my daddy

    • Miss, please contact authorities immediately. Your father is a crime lord.