Valiant attempt to play Chutes and Ladders with Tedesco munchkins goes horribly awry

SAN ANTONIO — A heroic effort to play the board game Chutes and Ladders with Pete and Sophie Tedesco turned into a nightmarish ordeal of rules violations, temper tantrums and mass chaos.

Pete and Sophie play Chutes and Ladders“My God, how did I ever think this would end well?” frazzled munchkin mother Jennifer Hiller asked as she uncorked a bottle of cheap Chardonnay at a press conference today.

Asked who won the game, Jennifer glared at the questioner. “No one wins when you play Chutes and Ladders with Pete and Sophie, my ignorant friend. No one.”

Jennifer said she hadn’t felt this bad since losing to John in a cutthroat game of Monopoly on June 6, 2013.

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