Report: Tedesco munchkin’s wardrobe entirely replaced by Halloween Spider-Man costume

Spider Pete

SAN ANTONIO — Tedesco munchkin Pete Tedesco, 4, has replaced his entire wardrobe of kids clothing with a totally kick ass Spider-Man costume bought by his parents for Halloween that he now wears everyday.

Spider PeteThe move shocked the fashion industry, but experts said Pete’s plan to wear the “Spider-Pete” costume every day until he hits puberty is a bold move.

“The Spider-Pete costume features bold tones of red and blue, with totally realistic arm muscles and an awesome mask to hide Pete’s real identity,” said New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn. “Personally, I don’t blame Pete for getting rid of the rest of his clothes. Who needs all that? I might get a superhero costume myself.”

Wearing the costume, Pete quickly learned to crawl across floors, jump all the way from the coffee table to the couch in the living room, and sling imaginary strands of webbing from his hands with pinpoint accuracy.

The costume can also be worn during normal activities such as eating Honey Nut Cheerios or watching “The Aristicats.”

Spider Pete was unavailable to comment for this story as he was busy playing with his little sister, Super Sophie.

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