Report: Cousin Annie’s new husband is totally dreamy

Cousin Annie gets married

SUNDANCE, Utah — Item! The Tedesco Times has been given exclusive access to the star-studded wedding of famous actress Annie Gronbeck-Tedesco, who married Mark Vickers Willis in a beautiful ceremony in the mountains of Utah, where this reporter learned Willis is a totally cool guy and wondered if maybe we could all hang out sometime and become best friends or something.

In an exclusive interview with the Tedesco Times, Willis mentioned he enjoys reading the Tedesco Times. It was unclear what Willis said after that point, as this reporter began noticing that Willis has very good taste and appreciates the Tedesco Times, just like this reporter.

This reporter noted how Willis is totally at ease with everyone and has a wicked sense of humor and is a totally chill dude and has a lot of traits in common with this reporter. And life is really weird like that, you know? And this reporter began to realize how a totally platonic bromance could really enrich this reporter’s life. And maybe if you guys aren’t doing anything, maybe we could all go snowboarding in the mountains and have some hot cocoa.

Ahem … uh … the Tedesco Times can say with all objectivity that Willis is totally awesome and perfect for Cousin Annie.

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