Halloween superhero costumes replace entire wardrobe

Pete and Sophie on Halloween

SAN ANTONIO — Local law enforcement officials unveiled plans today for Tedesco munchkins Pete and Sophie Tedesco to wear their totally kickass superhero Halloween costumes every single day for the rest of their lives.

Police said the strategy will drastically reduce crime rates in Gotham City. Plus, the supercool Batman and Wonder Woman costumes are way better than the dumb normal clothes that Mommy and Daddy usually make Pete and Sophie wear.

“Pete and Sophie have shown time and time again that they can stop the bad guys,” said Police Sgt. Ronald McCrabtree. “But they need their awesome costumes with muscles and bullet-proof bracelets. For the safety of our community, we call upon Mommy and Daddy to let these crimefighters wear Halloween costumes for as long as they want so they can do their karate moves.”

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