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Back Issues

Mom and Kristin Click on a link below to view past editions of the Tedesco Times

November 2002: Newspaper Unveiled. The Tedesco Times' first article announcing its hard-hitting coverage of the Tedesco clan.

December 2002: Christmas in Peril. The Christmas issue of the award-winning Tedesco Times, winner of the Pewlitzer Prize.

January 2003: New Year of Despair. Joe goes to France. He's shocked to find people who don't bathe, just like him.

April 2003: Stupified in Spring. These wacky Tedesco hijinks would be funny, if it weren't for the innocent bystanders.

June 2003: The Summer of destruction. Maddy and John have a birthday and all hell breaks loose.

September 2003: Lost in space. More tales of woe from the Tedesco family.

One year anniversary. The Tedesco Times ignores readers' pleas to shut down and celebrates a year of award-winning gossip-mongering.

Winter 2004: Another Tedesco kid gets baptized. Will it work this time?

Spring 2004: The Easter holiday massacre. Maddy Tedesco is suspected in a violent cascarone attack.

Summer 2004: Cousins go beserk Cousin Anna and Cousin John finally bring honor to the Tedesco family.

Fall 2004: Baby on the Way Paul and Georgia continue their plans of world domination.

Winter 2005: Holiday fun The Tedescos gather in Kansas. Kansas will never be the same.

Spring 2005: A Tedesco is born Cole Tedesco enters the world. He is unimpressed.

Spring 2006: New Tedesco on the way Another baby boy could turn the tables on the adorably cutthroat Tedesco girls.

Fall 2006: A wedding for Krissy and Garrett Almost all the beautiful people in America converged on Seattle when the Tedesco and Cook families arrive for the wedding.

2007-2008: The end of an era. The final issue, published before the Tedesco Times moved to a new home on a WordPress blog!