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Meet the Family

John John Tedesco: The top dog of the Tedesco clan. John is the eldest, wisest, most cool brother. Joe Joe Tedesco: The runt of the litter, Joe took ballet as a child and never recovered. Years after he gave up dancing, Joe still is most comfortable in a leotard.
Paul Paul Tedesco: Paul is the most beloved by Mom and Dad, probably because he has the cleanest criminal record. Wait, there was that jail stint in Pullman. Never mind. Mike Mike Tedesco: Mike is a sparkling conversationalist who radiates charm. Not. It is highly likely Mike's 4-year-old daughter has a broader vocabulary.
Kristin Kristin Tedesco: The fates have not been kind to Kristin, who not only is the baby of the family, but also the only girl. On the plus side, Mom and Dad allowed her to drink wine at an early age -- a skill she excels at in adulthood.