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The 1970s: John Meets Joe

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Little Dictator New Kid On The Block
A Time of Terror: The year was 1973. Nixon was in the White House. The nation was healing from the Vietnam War. And in Spokane Washington, a brutal dictator named John Tedesco was born. New Kid On The Block: After a year of monopolizing Mom and Dad's affection, John is shocked when Joe is born. The new rival must die, John decides, but it must look natural.
Does this hurt? Under Pressure
Does this hurt? John tried to poke Joe's eye out but missed. Realizing how clever his opponent is, John goes back to the drawing board. Under pressure: Joe's presence took its toll on John, who began hitting the sauce.
Two Days Leader of the Pack
This guy is going down: Two days, John signals to the camera. Two days, and Joe is a gonner. What's up, Fonzy? Joe thought he was so damn cool.
Happy Camper Partners in Crime
Happy Camper: John started warming up to Joe. Just look at that face. Partners in Crime: John decided to spare Joe's life. After all, you bond with a guy when you both dress like pansies.

John and Joe didn't know it, but someone was coming, someone who would horrify a community and turn their lives upside down.