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These resources might help you understand what makes the Tedesco family click. Follow the links to trace the disturbing history of the Tedescos and their disastrous impact on the Internet.

Spokane Home Sweet Home: The Tedesco children grew up in Spokane, Washington.

The Wonder Years: In grade school, the Tedesco children attended Cataldo Catholic School, where they received an excellent education about sin and guilt.

Return of the Jesuits: In high school, the Tedesco children attended Gonzaga Prep, a tough school run by Jesuits. The dropout rate for the Tedescos exceeded the national average.

www.bop.gov: Click here to locate the Tedesco children today.

The Stars are Bright ... Texas is whar some of th' Tedexcos lives now.

John loses a friend: An article about the Dragon Lounge, the coolest Martini bar in Texas. The swank joint burned down in a tragic fire. It had the best juke box, the best drinks, and the best ambiance. The fire claimed no victims except a piece of John's soul, which is now lost forever.

Dig it, baby: El Chapultapec, Dad's favorite Denver bar.

Smell somethin' funny? If you ever need to track down the industrial pretreatment staff for EPA Region 8, look up Paul here.

Only You Can Prevent Backflow! Step deeper into Paul's sick world.

Study Abroad: Find out what's up with Aunt Sue

The Director: Read about Uncle John's play about the Tedesco family.

Making the Big Bucks: Where John works. He has his own paper route and everything.

Making Even Bigger Bucks: Where Mom and Rich work. Check out Rich's cool university web site by Clicking Here.

Smarty Pants: Here's Mom's resume. Why no mention of raising five hell-raisers?

Pump up the Volume: Dadís favorite radio station.

Pump up the Volume II: Johnís favorite radio station

Nixon: Sweet site for all aspiring news hounds.

Anagram Central: What kind of words does your name spell? Plug in Tedesco.

Dialects: Funny site where you can change the dialects of web pages. Plug in the Tedesco Times in the redneck or jive category and see what happens.

Crime News: The coolest police blotter ever. No mention of a Tedesco yet.